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This is the official CyberBullies (CBS) webpage. With plans to lead the Call of Duty ladders, CBS plans to be the best with their supreme skills, team work, and crushing their opponents. They treat all clan matches and pubs as if they are a need to win match to keep their skills sharp and ready for anything. Be sure to check in with every feature on our site for the latest videos, stats, news, and more from the CBS team. Pending processes are below:

  • Pro Team
  • Player Stat Cards
  • Media Center
  • Custom Player Pages
  • CBS Tournament

  • A Merging of CBS and MLG Powerhouse:

    Around 2 weeks ago, CBS and MLG powerhouse, TF7, joined forces for Ghosts. Both teams having a lot of skill, they will truly be a force to reckon with. For those who knows nothing of TF7, they were founded in 2009 by a group of friends just wanting to play around. Soon, their talent was recognized and people were begging to join up with them. Before they knew it, they were 200+ strong of members. Down sizing wasn't easy to do when it came to league tournaments and pro matches. 7 Members lead the team to 14 championships across Game Battles and MLG Pro League. Now with the clan only at 14, they merge with another up-n-coming powerhouse team that will be sure to take the top. CBS was founded on the same principals as TF7, local friends. They let a few in and them the roster started to blow up. Now, trying to find a Game Battles and MLG foundation in the team, they are ready to take what was once their fellow members spotlight, Top of the Ladder.

    Active Rules:

    Main thing that can get you kicked out of the clan is being cocky. No-one cares how good you are and bragging will only get you kicked. This is a team not a one man show. Flaunting is a ignorant trait and will not be tolerated. Remember this, we can not win because of you but if we are work together, we can take on the world.

    Special Thanks:

    Special thanks to the design team at Phoenix Designs and Media, Inc. Although, the website is on a free base hosting site, the design team is working on a fully functional media website for the clan. There will be a lot more features and a better feel to the site that is more teamy. The site is set to be released with a custom personalized domain in the next couple months. Follow the news to find out more.

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